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5 Simple Kitchen Changes

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

The Kitchen in my home is the hub. It's where we cook, snack, wash up and generally just hang out. A multi use room means multiple ways you can become more sustainable. Food waste is one of the biggest contributors to climate change as well as the burning of plastics.

I once counted thirty plus plastic cleaning bottles under my sink for the various different areas in my house. Who knew there was just one that could do the job of ten!

Like the bathroom changes, swap harmful chemical detergents for more natural ingredients with less or no packaging.

1. Homemade Multipurpose sprays are not for everyone but if you can then do it.

2. Dish soaps used with a wooden dish brush is killing the need for plastic full stop.

3. Refillables cut out the need for packaging being sent for recycling or landfill by topping up your own containers when needed.

4. Soap nuts also known as 'Indian wash nuts' are laundry detergent to you and I and are the most sustainable, ethical and economical product.

5. Kitchen utensils, best to use wooden, bamboo or metal. Natural materials don't change their chemical compound when exposed to heat or contain harmful chemicals that plastic does, both when being used and when being recycled.

Remember its not a race to the finish line, make the changes as and when needed. #thegoodkitchen

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