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Frequently Asked Questions




We at The Good Store love to shine a light on our supliers because without them we wouldn't be us.

We use Local suppliers and Independent businesses where possible and a few of them were happy for us to nose around in their place of work to find out how it all works

We hope you enjoy looking behind the curtain as we did.

The More You Know.

Meet Suki Bakes

Suki Bakes was founded by and is ran by the amazing Sara Gallup - we were able to ask her a few questions about her fantastic business.

Name and business name?

Sara Gallup, Suki Bakes


What does the company provide/sell/offer?

I bake cakes, custom bakes and treats for wholesale and individuals!


When did you start your business? What inspired you to start your business?

I started Suki Bakes about 11 years ago, when I moved to Scotland from the US and saw how special the independent cafe and shop community is here in Edinburgh - I wanted to be a part of it, and baking for everyone seemed like the best way in!


What's been the most challenging aspect of running your own business?

Running your own business means wearing all the hats at once (even when you’d rather just do the baking): administrator, accountant, delivery person, sales person, customer services rep, brand manager, social media operator, and the list goes on!  People hear that I’m a self-employed baker and I think they picture their adorable granny with a single tray of cookies, assuming my job must be exactly the same, but it’s definitely not always that cosy little postcard.  I wouldn’t trade it for any other work in the world, though!


What's a perk for you of running your own business?

I love working for myself, setting my own hours

and working at my own pace (sometimes a little maniacally).  

And I get to test out new recipes and occasionally eat cookie dough for lunch :)


How has climate change affected your business, if it has at all?

Climate change has affected the business in a very immediate way in the summers - it’s way hotter now than it was a decade ago, and baking in that heat in my flat can be a doozy!  I have to strategise baking (has to be done early in the morning or later at night) and fridge space for keeping things cool now way more than I used to.  Otherwise, my business keeps a pretty small eco footprint - I recycle ingredient packaging, invest in recyclable or reusable cake boxes for my customers, and take the bus for deliveries.

Do you think the current market you're in at the moment is changing?

The current market is quite a challenge!  Coming out of lockdowns for the pandemic, I was certain I’d overcome the hardest period my business would have to face, but the fuel price hike in 2022 has caused a terrible domino effect with ingredient and packaging costs, forcing me to raise my prices, and has even put some of my customers out of business entirely.  It’s been devastating for my beloved independent cafe and shop community, and I feel so incredibly fortunate that I still have loyal customers who have kept me afloat through these very difficult few years!  My customers are wonderful and so supportive, and I feel grateful every day that they make my work possible.


A wee video promoting Suki Bakes that we posted on our Instagram 

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