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Serves 2 Large Ramen Bowls


Preperation Time 15mins

Cooking Time 20mins

Total Time 35mins

Serves: 2 Large Bowls


All Meal Kits are avilable for collection or delivery on Friday of each week if ordered before Tuesday of that week


This dish takes a little bit more effort but is worth it! Customise it to your taste. Once you've made it once you'll want to make it all the time!


All you will have to add to this recipe is a water, pinch of salt & pepper- we will provide the rest!


If you choose to add some lovely pickled red onions to your bowl like we did; we used a equal parts apple cider vinegar and water and then a pinch of sugar - heat in a pot for 5 minutes. You can add chilli flakes or herbs or other flavouring to this pickle mixture. Take the pot off the heat, add onions to a glass jar pour over the liquid (fully submerged) and brew for 20minutes while you cook your Ramen Bowl. Will keep in the fridge for a 3 - 4 weeks.


Calories 556kcal Fat 19g Carbohydrates 69g Protein 22g


Included in the Meal Kit

Ramen Broth

Organic Asparagus

Organic French Green Beans

Organic Nest of Egg Noodles/Rice Noodles

Nori Sheets

Organic Mushroom

Organic Spring Onion

Organic Fresh CHillies

Organic Sesame OIl

Organic Tamari

Organic Sesame Seeds

Potato Starch

Organic Tofu


Recipe and Instructions Card


Happy Cooking!

Vegetable Ramen Bowl


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