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We at The Good Store love to shine a light on our supliers because without them we wouldn't be us.

We use Local suppliers and Independent businesses where possible and a few of them were happy for us to nose around in their place of work to find out how it all works

We hope you enjoy looking behind the curtain as we did.

The More You Know.

Meet Phantassie Farm

We were able to catch up with not only the founder of Phantassie Farm, Patricia, but one of the many people who keep the farm running - here's what she had to say

What does the company provide/sell/offer? We are an Organic small holding who run a small vegbox scheme, provide produce to restaurants and shops in Edinburgh and beyond and run 3 markets a week

When did you join the company? I joined in 2012

What about this company made you want to join the team? I had worked in a large corporation and wanted a small firm who had an ethical stance and involved in quality food production

How long have you been with the company? 11 years

Have you seen big changes over the course of your employment? Yes We have grown our business and managed to adapt and change hugely during and following covid It has become trickier since Brexit from a logistics point of view

Our core values and great team spirit remain the same however..more like a dysfunctional family !!


Here's a wee video of our Phantassie Farm -  Meet the Makers Project. This is to give you an incite into how hard our suppliers work to bring you the amazing produce we stock on our shop.

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