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We at The Good Store love to shine a light on our supliers because without them we wouldn't be us.

We use Local suppliers and Independent businesses where possible and a few of them were happy for us to nose around in their place of work to find out how it all works

We hope you enjoy looking behind the curtain as we did.

The More You Know.

Meet Edinburgh Tea & Coffee Company

We caught up with Kevin from Edinburgh Tea & Coffee Company and he was even kind enough to take us on a wee tour around the factory which is based in Portobello, we got to see the beans being roasted by the famous Popeye.

Name and business name? Kevin Moore, Edinburgh Tea and Coffee Company

What does the company provide/sell/offer? Freshly roasted coffee beans, Blended Teas and hot chocolate. We have become a one stop shop for anyone in the coffee shop business.

When did you start your business? The Business began in 1991

What inspired you to start your business? The business was started by another but I know the inspiration was born from a want to supply high quality and freshly roasted coffee beans and blended tea’s to the shops and offices of Edinburgh.

What's been the most challenging aspect of running your own business? Keeping up with changing trends in the coffee market (we seem to see a new trend every few months!)

What's a perk for you of running your own business? Being able to create safe and secure jobs for people during tough times.

How has climate change affected your business, if it has at all? The biggest impact climate change has had on our business is forcing up costs. All coffee growing regions have seen dramatic changes in weather from excessive dry weather to severe floods and even frosts! Any adverse impact on coffee bean crop results in large changes in cost price.

Do you think the current market you're in at the moment is changing? I Do not see any major changes in the market currently only new trends for new drinks and new products.

"We ensure that we follow Fairtrade, Organic Food Federation, and SALSA procedures everyday in order to proudly show off our certifications and receive regular audits to maintain these certifications. We want our customers to know that we do what we can for the environment and the farmers of our tea and coffee, as well as show that we have everyday working procedures that meet the high standards of a SALSA audit."

A wee video promoting Edinburgh Tea & Coffee Company that we posted on our Instagram 

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