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We at The Good Store love to shine a light on our supliers because without them we wouldn't be us.

We use Local suppliers and Independent businesses where possible and a few of them were happy for us to nose around in their place of work to find out how it all works

We hope you enjoy looking behind the curtain as we did.

The More You Know.

Meet East Coast Organics Farm

We were able to catch up with not only the founder of East Coast Organics Farm, Mike, but one of the many people who keep the farm running.

East Coast Organics began the journey as first generation farmers with a small holding of 2.5 acres in the east of Edinburgh. They held their first market at Steiner's school and now have a stall at the Edinburgh Castle Terrace Market every Saturday 9am - 2pm; and have done since the year 2000.

The farm employs a large variety of people they even have a doctor on their team; Mike himself started out as an architect.

They run on fully electric vans and won the Energy Saving Trust, electric vehicle hero award in the year 2019. Their delivery vans are electric powered mostly their own solar power and all their packaging is home compostable!

They have streamlined their farming methods over the years to yield the most out of their produce as well making their own compost in a large cement mixer.


They have alpacas!!!! Watch the video to see Poppy 🦙🦙

They always have respect for the produce and the environment at the front of their farming choices and always aim to provide Good organic produce to the Edinburgh and Lothians.


Here's a wee video of our East Coast Organics Farm -  Meet the Makers Project. This is to give you an incite into how hard our suppliers work to bring you the amazing produce we stock on our shop.

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