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Organic Kale Pesto Pasta Vegan Serves 2


Preperation Time 5min

Cooking Time 10mins

Total Time 15mins

Serves 2


All Meal Kits are avilable for collection or delivery on Friday of each week if ordered before Tuesday of that week


This dish only has a few ingredients but doens't lack on flavour or colour! Ready in around 15mins this is a great mid week meal that is rich and filling. Once you've made it once you'll want to make it all the time!


All you will have to add to this recipe is a water, pinch of salt & pepper and a a few tablespoons of olive oil- we will provide the rest!

 (extra virgin if you've got it)


Calories 291kcal Fat 12g Carbohydrates 40.5g Protein 6.5g


Included in the Meal Kit

Organic Spaghetti

Organic Garlic

Organic Cavelo Nero

Organic Lemon

Organic Pumpkin Seeds

Organic B12 Yeast Flakes


Recipe and Instructions Card


Happy Cooking!

Organic Kale Pesto Pasta


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