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Ecoliving Concentrated Soda Crystals 750g

Soda crystals are a heavy-duty cleaner for surfaces and floors throughout the home. Soda crystals are soluble in water. It cleans, removes odours, saponifies grease and neutralises acids.

Can be used for:

Removing grease

cleaning heavily soiled surfaces & floors

clearing blocked pipes

effective in stain removal on clothes

boosting laundry detergent - soften water and aid cleaning

limescale removal

eradicating odours

cleaning toilet bowls

baths, bins and sinks

Soda crystals are especially effective at removing grease, cleaning heavily soiled surfaces & floors, and clearing blocked pipes. Its softening property intensifies the efficiency of cleaning agents in laundry detergents and washing up liquids.

Made in the UK

Plastic-free packaging

Home compostable packaging

Vegan friendly


Packaging: Resealable kraft bag and home compostable plant-based film. 100% home compostable packaging, plastic-free.

Plastic free and home compostable packaging. The bag is resealable

Concentrated Soda Crystals 750g

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