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Waste Not Want Not.

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Organic September has begun! Not only that it's Zero Waste week! A week to change even just one thing in your normal day-to-day that reduces long lasting waste. This can range anywhere between buying fresh fruits and vegetables from your local grocer rather than buying packaged veggies from the supermarket or trying out a soap bar instead of buying body wash in a plastic container. The smallest change to your every day life makes a considerable difference to the world of waste.

One of the main elements I learned when introducing zero waste into my lifestyle was the term REUSE. Now we've all heard this term when it comes to REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE, however the ideal is for the buck to stop at reuse; recycling no matter how beneficial still uses up energy and produces by-products that are harmful to the environment. Whereas making sure that materials are retained within productive use for as long as possible can reduce the amount of recycling required. Meaning that even though recycling is a plus, maybe have a look at the items you are recycling and check to see if they can be used as something else. An old butter or yoghurt tub can be used as containers to store food or they can be used as a plant pot for herbs - Lovely! Ideally we want to be purchasing goods minus the packaging however it is a process and a mindset that doesn't happen overnight; it's about developing societal behavioural change and that starts with you.


I found the easiest change for myself was refusing to buy fresh fruits and veggies that were wrapped in plastic, the way they are meant to be. I also have less waste as I buy what I need not just how much is in a prepacked bag - win win! Natasha moved from using disposable plastic razors to using a bamboo safety razor and has never looked back. She's saving money in addition to looking after the planet.

We can be very habitual people especially when it comes to shopping, break free of the monotony and make that change today! #zerowasteweek #sustainable #bambaw #looselemons #makegoodchoices #thegoodlife

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