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5# Ways To Save At The Good Store

Updated: Mar 30

Now more than ever we are having to watch our pennies, so here are a few ways you can save when shopping with us.

Are you seeing an increase in bills and food shopping like the rest of us? Unfortunately, it's set to become a little more difficult for everyone and so it is important to start good money-saving habits now that will help you budget, but not compromise the food and products you like.

Here are a few tips to help you save when shopping with us

Tip #1 - Bulk & Discounts

Now, this isn't an option for everyone, but if you can then buy in bulk.

Take advantage of our BULK discounts;

Buy 3 litres/kg of a product and you'll receive a 5% discount,

4 litres/kg = 10% discount and

5 litres/kg = 15% discount.

Not only will this save you money but it will reduce packaging used and reduced CO2e if you drive.

*We also offer 10% off your full shop with an Egg card and 10% student discount

*These cannot be used in connection with one another.

Tip #2 - Plan

Plan, plan, plan! Planning what you are going to eat for the next few days/week will save you time and you'll be surprised with how much your food waste reduces. Food shopping without a list sometimes ends up at the back of the cupboard, expiry date looming or if fresh then it goes bad and gets binned.

Food waste is one of the biggest carbon emitters in the UK; with 25 million CO2e entering the atmosphere every year, so let's give it a try and get that shopping list ready!!

"On an average day, the average household tosses £1.36 worth of food. Over the course of a year, that adds up to £496." – Josh Jackman @The Eco Experts

Tip #3 - Meal Kit/F&V Box

Don't want to give up takeaways but like the idea of trying something new, then why not give our Meal Kits a try?! Each Kit comes with pre-portioned ingredients and a recipe card!

Our Organic F&V boxes are handpicked and packed by us and are cheaper than buying individually.

Saving you money whilst saving the planet! #saynotofoodwaste

Tip #4 - Use What You've Got

You will be amazed at how creative you can be with a tin of chickpeas and some halfway gone vegetables! Before you buy more food decide if you can rustle something up with what you've already got lurking in the fridge or cupboards, some of my best meals have come from the back of the cupboard. Start with the fresh foods and don't overthink it. Hint; it's all about the spices!

Tip #5 - Make/Grow your own

Think breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Eating out can cost twice as much so skip the meal deal and start batch cooking. Set aside a day of cooking and don't forget snacks; Think soups, salads, stir fry and sweet/savoury traybakes, which are quick, easy and can last a full week or longer in the fridge.

Grow your own with a veg patch and/or regrow your leeks, celery and tatties!


There are so many more ways of cutting costs when food shopping that doesn't resort to buying 3 for 2, which will more than likely end up in the bin.

Shopping seasonally is always cheaper than buying berries in the winter. Look in our free box while you're leaving the shop, could you rescue any wonky or slightly perished fruit & veg from going to the compost heap? Store food correctly, such as carrots, lettuce, lemons and limes, which can all be submerged in water to keep fresh for longer.

I could go on but I won't, instead, I'll let you get started on that shopping list!

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