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Every Day Is Earth Day

It will officially be 50 years since the creation of Earth day, one day in the year when we really look at what we can do to treat where we live better. We clean our homes daily, take pride in the small spaces we have created and yet we only celebrate our biggest home once a year, it doesn't seem fair does it.

2019 saw the biggest movement in the right direction towards making positive environmental changes; sustainability, traceability, action on climate change, an increase in renewable energy and the fight against plastic pollution...Lets not forget how far we have come.

Coronavirus has had both positive and negative impacts on our fight to reach the targets set out for 2020, 2030 and 2050, keeping mindful of good sustainable habits can help towards meeting these targets. This pandemic has brought to light not only our inequalities in society but our role in keeping the earth inhabitable. We are aware that our oceans and forests play a pivotal role in keeping us alive so we have to play our part in keeping them alive. Buying habits are at their most erratic at a time when we should be reducing our waste and only buying what we need. COVID-19 has seen nature flourish without the impact of people; reduced CO2 emissions, returning wildlife, cleaner air and, my personal favorite, birds singing throughout the day.

Take this time to reflect, write a list of things you can start to do to be kinder to our home. Here are 5 simple actions you can take this Earth day and everyday thereafter:

1. Eat a plant based meal; our over consumption of meat and dairy fuels global warming - both through it's production and resulting food waste. Cut back and have a salad.

2. Shop plastic free as often as possible; choose reusable over convenience and refuse single use plastic like the plague. Try to reuse the plastic you already have, plastic bottles make great bird feeders.

3. Get out into the garden or green space. Appreciate the environment, plant some veggies or flowers, start a compost bin. If you can't get out, plant a tree online.

4. Use less energy around your home, keep the lights off, have shorter showers and research green energy suppliers for a more long term solutions.

5. Leave the car at home and hop on your bike. Lower your carbon footprint and enjoy the wind in your face.

Happy Earth Day!

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