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We at The Good Store love to shine a light on our supliers because without them we wouldn't be us.

We use Local suppliers and Independent businesses where possible and a few of them were happy for us to nose around in their place of work to find out how it all works

We hope you enjoy looking behind the curtain as we did.

The More You Know.

Meet Craig from Greencity

Greencity is a co-operative wholesalers based in Glasgow and run by each member of staff. They provide Scotland with sustainable, ethical wholefoods and champion independent businesses. We asked Craig from Greencity a few questions - here's how it went


Name and business name?

Craig McCormack, Greencity Wholefoods.


What does the company provide/sell/offer?

Greencity offers a large range of wholefoods, kitchen cupboard staples, ingredients, bulk products, drinks and chocolate. We would say we are passionate about local, organic, fairtrade and healthier products.


When did you join the company?

I joined about seven years ago.


What about this company made you want to join the team?

I had known of Greencity for many years and liked the ethos of a worker coop. Prior to working at Greencity I worked at a social enterprise in Edinburgh which made organic preserves. We distributed through Greencity, and I had visited for lunch and built a good relationship with people at the Coop. I was contacted by a member letting me know there was a good opportunity to join them, I am now a Member Director at Greencity.


Have you seen big changes over the course of your employment?

I think everyone has seen big changes especially because of COVID, it changed how we have worked forever. We have also grown as a business which is fantastic but as a worker coop it has given us more challenges. As a democratic business we have had to adapt, once upon a time voting was conducted at GCHQ where we would have meeting and vote with our hands in the air, we are now too big for this, but we have adapted.

The last couple of years have been challenging since Brexit and managing prices is almost a full-time job, then the cost-of-living crisis arrived. We are so grateful for the support we get from out customers and interacting with them makes the job really special.

Thanks Craig!


The Meet the Makers with Greencity video

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